Fibre Cement cutting Blades

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Fast, Clean cutting of fibre cement products

Cutting fibre cement sheets with a traditional blade creates lots of dust.The PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tipped fibre cement saw blades cut with up to 70% less dust. Last up to 75 times longer cutting life than standard carbide blades. Designed  to cut all densities and thicknesses (depending on saw capacity). Designed for use with portable power tools like circular saws, or table saws and mitre saws.

The PCD saw blades will cut compressed  and non compressed fibre cement such as:


external cladding

internal linings

compressed sheet flooring

commercial facades



some lattice.

Fibre cement cladding is also known as cement fibre siding or concrete siding. It can be used in decks, balconies and verandas and as internal flooring in laundries, kitchens and living areas. Common brand names in Australia include:

HardiPanel compressed sheets

CSR Cemintel Fibre Cement compressed sheets

BGC Compressed Fibre cement sheets.

Also suitable for cutting:





Maximum blade speed - 8000 RPM

(125mm only - 9500 RPM)

Tips for use:

Check blade and tips not damaged before use

Ensure blade fitted tightly, with correct rotation

Clamp material to be cut firmly

Setting cutting depth 5mm more than material thickness

Vacuum dust if possible when cutting

Keep blade clean

Not for cutting timber

Do not resharpen